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Marlene B. Hoenig, MEO
Globe International Missionary
Member Global Alliance Networks
AACC (American Association of Christian Counselors)



P. O. Box 3040
Pensacola, Florida 32516

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Missionary, Mentor & Pastoral Care

Where do I begin?

I've lived an exciting, and adventure-filled life. I thank God for saving and setting me free from addictions, abuse, anger, trauma, and even terror.


Each day I try to get up and look in the mirror and smile. There are days that I have to think beyond brokenness, pain, guilt and other obstacles in order to allow God to quiet my restless mind so I can listen to Him. This is what I call missional meditation and capacity care.

At InRoads Missional Care I am here to help you "be" you and to find relationships that are loving, fulfilling and eternal. I don't know what God has or is calling you to do for Him, but I am here to help you through the process, in prayer, in practical matters and in emotional, physical and spiritual support.

You Are One of God's Treasures,


Marlene Hoenig, 
Missionary, Mentor,  & Mother


About You

You may be a mother, first mother, daughter, ministry leader, pastor's wife, a survivor of a disaster, divorce, incest, incarceration, trafficking, domestic violence, spiritual abuse, or struggling with identity issues.


You may never have been in crisis and are just trying to figure out what your next step in life is, or how to go about starting your own business or ministry. I want to meet you!


Recently my grandson learned a scripture that was condensed to "A friend is always a friend."

That is the purpose of InRoads Missional Care, friends making friends and helping one another walk through this temporary life together.

You may be currently trapped in life's circumstances and feel like you are in too deep, and have no way out. If this is you, and you are involved in a situation where you need a way out, please don't hesitate to contact me, I will help you find someone near you if you need and want help.  

How Much Do My Services Cost?

As a full time counselor, pastor & missionary, I am 100% supported by the gifts, love offerings and monthly support of others. When I travel and minister in other countries, I am in areas, where resources are very limited, and costs to get there are very expensive.  

I would ask that you pray and consider partnering with this ministry and together we can be part of sharing God's love and answering His call to go and make disciples. I would love to come and share with your congregation, staff or missions pastor.

Tax deductible donations may be sent through PayPal, Cash App, my home church Charity Chapel in Pensacola, Florida or through Globe International Ministries.

Group self-care, Freedom leadership training, monthly mentoring, business and/or life coaching, are all available on a first come first serve basis and time availability. 


Our world today is obsessed with image, materialism, and has a new Generation Z who is approaching life, money, and relationships much differently than the Millennials and Baby Boomers.


Addictions are on an increase along with attachment disorders, identity crisis',  pornography and graven images.

Realizing there is hope in finding true purpose in the fact "you were created in God's image" is part of not just studying God's Word, and listening to His voice but learning about Biblical Meditation and connecting directly to God's Word which is alive and active.

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