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Marlene B. Hoenig, MEO
Globe International Missionary
Member Global Alliance Networks
AACC (American Association of Christian Counselors)


Capacity Path


P. O. Box 3040
Pensacola, Florida 32516

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From our Founder

Where do I begin?

I've lived an exciting, and adventure-filled life. I thank God for saving and setting me free from addictions, abuse, anger, trauma, and even terror.


Each day I try to get up and look in the mirror and smile. There are days that I have to think beyond brokenness, pain, guilt and other obstacles in order to allow God to quiet my restless mind so I can listen to Him. This is what I call missional meditation and capacity care.


My life certainly has not been a constant stream of mountaintop experiences or successes; in fact, there have been quite a few valleys, guns & a lot of roses placed on many graves of lost loved ones and broken relationships. There have been times when I considered myself a complete and utter failure at life. But of course, this is a lie from God's enemy, Satan.


I discovered one day that no matter how low I got when I began to meditate and seek God's voice, His Spirit would call my spirit to attention and situations would begin to resolve themselves. I became stronger, focused and I believe more resilient.


It is God who calls us forth, "Marlene, you are resilient, a survivor and a warrior. I will give you the tools, joy, and strength to help others to not only survive but to thrive!"

InRoads Missional & Recovery Care is a place God has called me to serve as a disaster chaplain, missionary, minister and missional pastoral counselor to be on call for YOU. If you are reading this, you are a survivor and are here for a very special purpose. You are called to thrive!

I'm a licensed minister, & missionary and provide professional, life & resiliency coaching, prayer and pastoral soul care with over 35 years of experience.


At InRoads Missional Care we are here to help you "be" you and to fulfill all that you have been predestined to become.


You Are One of God's Treasures,


Marlene Hoenig, Founder, (MEO)
Missionary Executive Officer


About You

You may be a survivor of a disaster, divorce, trafficking, spouse or spiritual abuse.  Life's circumstances may have you bound to duress, stress and in need of deliverance and healing from a faulty self-image, worldview or mindset.


You may currently be in a toxic relationship, an unfulfilling job or clinging to unhealthy attachments.

Learning to seek God for a listening ear, a keen spirit and a clear mind is possible.



Whatever your case may be, I am here for you and promise to give you unconditional love,  confidential care and help you to grow in your walk with God.


How Much Do My Services Cost?

As a disaster chaplain & missionary, I am 100% supported by the gifts and love offerings and monthly support of others which may be sent through PayPal, or through Globe International Ministries.


For Capacity Care Clients, I am currently an independent partner & trainer. Capacity Path works with disaster survivors, first & secondary responders and is currently concentrating on the survivors & agencies affected by Hurricanes Michael, Dorian, and their surrounding areas. We have a team who will compassionately work with your school, college, non-profit, emergency, or government agencies on a case by case basis.



Our world today is obsessed with image, materialism, and has a new Generation Z who is approaching life, money, and relationships much differently than the Millennials and Baby Boomers.


Addictions are on an increase along with attachment disorders, identity crisis',  pornography and graven images.

Realizing there is hope in finding true purpose in the fact "you were created in God's image" is part of not just studying God's Word, and listening to His voice but learning about Biblical Meditation and connecting directly to God's Word which is alive and active.

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